Latest News on McCain and Palin

NY Times Election Guide (Fascinating analysis and what to watch for today)

“Joe the Plumber” May be “Joe the Republican Plant” Evidence reveals he may be related to Charles Keating: The Daily Kos

More Republicans Deserting McCain and Leaving Party: Mlive.Com

Make Believe Maverick: Rolling Stone Magazine

McCain Faces Backlash over Rabid Crowds: Huffington Post

John McCain’s Cancer: Huffington Post

Palin Wins Points but She Didn’t Win: Newsweek

Impulsive, Impetuous and Impatient: NY Times, on McCain

McCain’s Suspension Bridge to Nowhere: NY Times

Palin Received Zoning Aid, Gifts: AP Investigation

Who is the Real John McCain:

Palin Can’t Name Single News Source She Reads: Huffington Post

The Sarah Palin Pity Party:


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